Producer Talks “The Stand” Film Plans

At last report, filmmaker Josh Boone’s adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus “The Stand” was still stuck in development – one reason why he jumped over to another King adaptation, “Revival,” as his immediate next project before getting back around to “The Stand” at a later date.

So where is “The Stand” right now whilst Boone is occupied elsewhere? Collider spoke with producer Roy Lee at DICE 2016 where he explained that the filmmaking team is still trying to figure out a way to adapt the over 1,000 page book to the screen and what form that might take – be it one or several movies:

“Right now it’s just in a holding pattern trying to figure out how to best make the movie because we’ve toyed with breaking it up into multiple movies, making it into one, making it into two. The latest draft, Josh Boone had written it and he was very anxious to make it but since then has written another script, Revival, which he’s gonna do beforehand, so we’re just waiting for that.”

One possibility that Lee isn’t keen on is a combination film and TV rollout such as has been suggested for the film adaptation of King’s “The Dark Tower” series. At one time there was talk of adapting the work as an eight-episode Showtime miniseries which would conclude with a feature film – something Lee is against:

“There was definitely talk about doing that but the logistics made it very difficult to try to do a worldwide launch of a movie when the TV component would not necessarily be released at the same time worldwide. So it became a logistic nightmare to try to figure that out, so that plan was abandoned.”

Lee confirms that right now the plan is for two films, not unlike the two film adaptation of King’s “It” that’s also currently in the works.