Producer Talks Status Of Netflix’s “Gerald’s Game”

Earlier this week came word “Ouija: Origin of Evil” director Mike Flanagan had scored a great new gig – directing every episode of Netflix’s upcoming original series based on Shirley Jackson’s ghost story novel classic “The Haunting of Hill House”.

Flanagan established a relationship with Netflix when they acquired his superb deaf woman stalked by killer thriller “Hush” which scored critical acclaim and was a hit for the streamer. Sandwiched in between “Hush” and ‘Haunting’ though lies another work which has yet to be released.

That film is “Gerald’s Game,” a Netflix original movie based on a novel by Stephen King that has previously been dubbed unfilmable. The story involves a married couple in a remote retreat who, during a sex game, the husband (Bruce Greenwood) dies – leaving the wife (Carla Gugino) chained to the bed. She’s now stuck confronting long-buried demons within her own mind, and possibly lurking in the shadows of her seemingly empty house.

Producer Trevor Macy recently spoke with Arrow in the Head about the project’s current status:

“Well, I’m a big fan of the book as well, and one of the more fulfilling moments in my professional life was showing this cut to Stephen King and having him tweet how excited he was about it. I think the challenge with that – if you’re a fan of the book, so much of it takes place internally, in her [Jessie’s] head.

So, ‘how do you do that in a cinematic way?’ was the fundamental question when you’re taking that particular book into movie land. It isn’t done quite the way it’s done in the book, but I’m very proud of it, and fortunately Stephen King’s very proud of it, so I think audiences are going to like it.

It’s a very faithful adaptation in that way, it’s just that there’s a—I don’t mean to be too cryptic, but I don’t want to give it away [laughs]. There’s a storytelling device that we use that the book doesn’t. It’s really nice to get Stephen King’s support in doing that, even at the script stage, so he feels and we feel that it’s a very faithful adaptation. It’s a movie that genre fans will love, but it’s not only a genre movie, and Netflix is a great place for things like that these days.

“Gerald’s Game” is due for release on the service sometime later this year.