Producer Talks Post-“Mummy” Monster Plans

Universal kicks off its classic movie monsters initiative this summer with its upcoming reboot of “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise. Several other films are in the works as well and producer Chris Morgan, who is shepherding the whole enterprise along with ‘Mummy’ helmer Alex Kurtzman, tells CinemaBlend that they’re still trying to figure out which of the monsters will come next:

“Beyond [The Mummy], we’re just developing… we’re kind of locking in on all of the scripts. Right now, it’s Bride of Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Invisible Man, Van Helsing and The Wolfman. Those things kind of go a pace, and Universal will… we’re in talks to kind of figure out what the next film to come out will be.”

Russell Crowe plays Dr. Henry Jekyll in the series, in this incarnation he’s part of a clandestine organisation known as Prodigium which basically serves in the same capacity as MONARCH in the Godzilla/Kong cinematic universe or SHIELD in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Morgan has worked on the scripts for the last six “Fast and Furious” films, so have there been any discussions about him writing one of these movies?

“No, no. I’m just kind of, right now, we are producing and overseeing — Alex Kurtzman and I, our company has kind of joined together to oversee all of these films. So we’re really just working with the writers, breaking the stories, [figuring out] ‘What is that first story that we’re going to tell about the Wolfman?’

It’s kind of critical to step in with the right foot, and to give people enough of an homage to the original, to make them complicated and dark characters, but to also kind of address our sentiments and a modern context, and let people feel like they’re seeing something fresh. So it’s kind of the joy of being able to talk monsters all day.”

“The Mummy” will be released on June 9th and check out a new one-sheet for the film below.