Producer Talks New “Strangers,” “The Ring”

Two horror film franchises that seemingly finished up a while back are being revived this year – the Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman-led home invasion thriller “The Strangers” which had its one film in 2008, and the Naomi Watts-led haunted tape film “The Ring” which had a sequel back in 2005.

The plan was for “The Strangers” sequel to shoot all the way back in 2012, but this week producer Roy Lee confirms with Collider that the project has been stuck in a holding pattern due to the mess regarding Relativity Studios’ very public financial insolvency issues:

“We have a script that’s fantastic, but they’ve had some financial difficulties so it’s unclear as to whether or not they’ll be able to finance the movie… It’s connected [to the first film] in the sense of ‘What if you moved into an area where the Strangers lived?'”

Then there’s “Rings,” the third film in “The Ring” series. The difference here is that movie has already been shot, but keeps being pushed back. Now it’s currently targeting a Fall release, like Gore Verbinski’s 2002 original, but sadly he can’t talk much about the storyline:

“I can’t tease anything about it. When you see the trailer, it will be a big surprise.”

“Rings” is currently slated to open October 28th. “The Strangers 2” currently is targeting a December 2nd release but will likely be delayed again.