Producer Talks Joe & Constantine 2

Talking with IGN UK, film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura revealed that he’s still hoping to move ahead with a sequel to 2005’s supernatural actioneer “Constantine”.

He says “I know all the filmmakers want to try to make number two. We love the character. We’re hoping that we can find a way to make even, I’ll say, a darker, harder version of it. We’re not at that place yet where we really have the ability to get that done, but I know Keanu wants to play that and all of us think that there is a natural, new and darker adventure with Constantine.”

di Bonaventura also talked briefly about the two “G.I. Joe” scripts in development and the maligned Skip Woods’ draft – “Skip had literally, from the day he finished his contract to the day that draft came in, seven weeks [to complete it] because of the timeline that was being required by the overall deal. So, it has been judged in some circles, I think, harshly, and I think unfortunately like all creative processes it was just the very beginning of it. And I know that Skip is working hard on his next draft and is going to nail it.”

He adds that the process is going to take some time – “Snake-Eyes and Scarlett, Nemesis and Destro and Cobra and Duke and Heavy Duty: These guys have to be rendered as characters that the fan base recognizes and loves, and in a way that the movie can deliver a cool experience that you want to relate to. And that’s an evolutionary process.”

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