Producer Talks “Jack Reacher” TV Series Aim

The “Mission: Impossible” films are tentpoles, but Tom Cruise’s other recent franchise – the Jack Reacher films – are more curiosities. The 2012 first film was well liked but only a soft performer. The 2016 sequel underperformed even more, making a third film in the series unlikely.

Instead the property, based on the two dozen or so Lee Child novels to date that feature the character, is being rebooted as a television series. Skydance Media President and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Sisgold, speaking at a panel this weekend, brought up the series and explained why Skydance is taking this option:

“We’re just being realistic about the landscape. For us, those straight down the middle, awesome action thrillers in that mid-range budget, they just seem to lend themselves to an episodic experience. It’s not the old days [of television], where you had to limit it down to a pretty low scale.”

One big change from the films is the title character of the series is expected to be a much closer approximation of the book character who is very tall, blond and built like a tank.

Source: Deadline