Producer Talks “Dredd” Sequel Requirements

Producer Adi Shankar’s name has been all over the headlines over the past few weeks thanks to his two short fan films “Power/Rangers” and “In Service of Nothing” which have hit legal issues and generated a lot of social media buzz.

Before that though he was mostly known for producing and executive producing quite a few hit films including “The Grey,” “Lone Survivor” and “A Walk Among the Tombstones”. Still, one of his most talked about was 2012’s well-regarded “Dredd” reboot with Karl Urban.

Many fans are still keen on a sequel, something that isn’t very likely to happen considering the film mad a paltry $35.6 million worldwide. Nevertheless there’s a lot of demand for it, so much so that Shankar has posted a video on his YouTube page this week explaining the things that need to happen for the film to go ahead:

“For Dredd 2 to happen, two things need to happen. One, all of the distributors from the international territories need to re-acquire the film. Two, we need to get a U.S. distributor, Lionsgate, or somebody else, and that’s not something I’m concerned about.

At it’s previous budget level, Dredd lost almost every distributor money, so there are only three options, as I see it. One, lower the f—ing budget. Maybe Dredd 2 is found footage? I don’t know. I wouldn’t watch it, but maybe it’s found footage.

Two, bring out a filmmaker who would really move the needle, someone like David Fincher. But that’s not realistic. That’s not going to happen, because filmmakers who would move the needle aren’t in the business of directing sequels to someone else’s franchise. That’s just now how it works.

Three, a movie star. Maybe we pair (Dredd 3D star) Karl Urban with another movie star who boosts the value of the film. Maybe we get The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in and save the franchise, because The Rock saves everybody’s franchises.”

Sadly for “Dredd” fans, it sounds like no sequel may be the better option than a compromised one.