Producer Talks “Black Adam” Current Status

Action star Dwayne Johnson is not only one of the most bankable and well-known movie stars on the planet, he’s also pretty forthcoming in regards to his filming schedule – often openly discussing not just his next project but his next few projects.

One of those is the planned film adaptation of the DC Comics character Black Adam which has been long in the works at Warner Bros. Pictures. With that studio’s future DC slate still not settled on beyond 2019 in the wake of the disappointment of “Justice League,” it’s not clear when the film will go into production.

Certainly Johnson is keeping busy with other films, currently shooting Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” and set to star in several other high profile projects immediately after including the next “Jumanji” film. So what’s happened to “Black Adam”? Seven Bucks Productions president of production Hiram Garcia spoke with Collider this week and says the project is still very much alive:

“Black Adam is definitely happening. We’re actually very deep into a script on it right now, which is coming along really well. I’m really excited with the story we’ve crafted… We just got our latest script [from Adam Sztykiel]. We’re doing some revisions on it. We’re extremely excited about it, the studio’s very excited about it. And I’m telling you man, as a comic book fan, when this thing comes out, it is going to be amazing (laughs).”

Garcia also confirmed that this version of Black Adam will not be softened up for audiences, this will be a darker character than you may be used to with Johnson as this guy will be fairly formidable:

“Especially when he’s not a boy scout. Especially when he’s got edge to him. Like, he’s not the boy scout superhero, he’s the guy that’s like, okay, you cross him? Well, I rip your head off, and then I move on to the next guy.”

The comments follow on from some Garcia made yesterday about where the new “Big Trouble in Little China” is currently at in development, and revealed it won’t be a remake of the classic 1986 John Carpenter film but rather a sequel to it.