Producer On Scrapped “Swamp Thing” S2 Plans

Producer On Scrapped Swamp Thing S2 Plans

With “Annabelle Comes Home” hitting UK home video this week, the film’s writer and director Gary Dauberman spoke with ComicBookMovie about the film when the topic also turned toward another recent project he was involved in – the now-cancelled DC Universe TV series “Swamp Thing”.

Mark Verheiden, James Wan and Dauberman executive produced the DC Comics adaptation which scored very good reviews but was famously changed in the midst of production of its final episodes from what was to be an ongoing series into a closed-off single-season affair – leaving the producers scrambling to change the ending.

Fans continue to campaign to #SaveSwampThing on social media, but with the show almost certainly over Dauberman teased what the plan was for a second season which would have gone stranger and more standalone:

“Season one is very much like a movie in that it has a beginning, middle, and end, and is one story told over the course of ten episodes and what I liked a lot about the comics is that there’s like werewolf in a hospital and things like that, so we would have had episodes like an anthology with standalone stories.

The swamp is very much the kitchen sink of supernatural terror and, as you know, you can go into different subgenres of horror with that and I was really looking forward to exploring that in season two and getting into some of the more twisted horror tales from the later comics. It just would have got weirder.

For people who don’t know the character, season one was telling people what Swamp-Thing was all about but season two was going to be more about getting into the deeper, twisted, weirder, and gross ideas.”

Dauberman goes on to say he was heartbroken over the cancellation because the show was made with a real love for the source material, especially the Alan Moore run, and he says: “think if you’re interested in what the other seasons were going to be like, you can go back to the source material.”