Producer On “Fifty Shades” Ratings & Cut

One gigantic question has been lingering over the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film adaptation ever since it was announced – how in the world will this make it past the censors.

As a recent study has shown, the U.S. censorship authority the MPAA is surprisingly lenient when it comes to depictions of violence. At the same time it is very quick to slap depictions of sex and nudity with harsh ratings, especially if said depictions aren’t of the vanilla variety.

Kelly Marcel adapted the script and has previously claimed the film could score an NC-17 rating, but producer Dana Brunetti says for the studio’s sake they have to deliver an R. Speaking with Collider though, Brunetti says there’s another possibility:

“It’ll be R, obviously it has to be R. This is just my opinion and this doesn’t mean this is going to happen, but I always thought it would be really cool if we released the R version and then we had an NC-17 version that we released a few weeks later.

So everybody could go and enjoy the R version, and then if they really wanted to see it again and get a little bit more gritty with it then have that NC-17 version out there as well.

It’d be great for the studio too because they’d get a double dip on the box office… What we’re kind of hearing from the fans is they want it dirty, they want it as close as possible [to the book]. We want to keep it elevated but also give the fans what they want.”