Producer Explains “Nymphomaniac” Sex

It turns out that even if you see Shia LaBeouf’s penis in Lars von Trier’s upcoming two-part film “Nymphomaniac,” it won’t be his.

Appearing at Cannes, the film’s producer Louise Vesth says that while graphic sex scenes were shot for the film, the more interesting “bits” will be digitally replaced with body doubles.

Vesth says: “We shot the actors pretending to have sex and then had the body doubles, who really did have sex, and in post we will digital-impose the two. So above the waist it will be the star and the below the waist it will be the doubles.”

It’s due to this extensive post-production work that von Trier’s films weren’t ready in time for Cannes, not even the first one. Vesth says: “The film is in two parts but it is really one film, so [von Trier] has to finish both parts first.”

Vesth adds that the film will use “experimental graphical elements” including double exposures and superimposed words and symbols over the action.

Source: THR