Producer Chasing Jovovich Film Pirates

After being burned on the leak and mass piracy related to “The Expendables 3” last year, producer and Nu Image/Millennium Films topper Avi Lerner is not going to let the same thing happen again.

His companies have filed a copyright infringement suit in Oregon against sixteen individuals who they claim to have pirated spy thriller “Survivor” which starred Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan and Dylan McDermott. The James McTeigue-directed film opened in May in limited release and VOD.

In a complaint filed in federal court the other week, it says: “The motion picture Survivor is being wrongfully distributed on the Internet through the BitTorrent network and is now being widely pirated limiting its ability to gain access to and benefit from conventional market outlets. Plaintiff comes to court seeking relief as the motion picture Survivor has been downloaded through BitTorrent hundreds of thousands of times with over 10,000 instances of piracy traced to locations in the State of Oregon.”

Oregon looks to have been likely chosen as the wording of the law means that non-BT style ways to score pirated films like Popcorn Time software could fall under the law. Right now they have the IP addresses of the infringers and are seeking to subpoena records from Internet service provider Comcast on who they actually are.

Source: Deadline