Producer Canton On More “Immortals,” “300”

“300” producer Mark Canton says there’s been talk of a third film in that series along with a sequel to “Immortals”.

In terms of “Immortals 2,” he tells Collider they have to have the right story or they won’t do it. Right now though they’re just working on ideas and are talking to writers, but aren’t in a rush.

As for a third “300,” he says the hope is it will be out faster than the seven years it took the current sequel to hit. “I think they [the public] are going to come out of this one wanting more.”

Canton is also working on a trilogy about a young Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus with a major director said to be attached and announced soon. More immediate is the Vin Diesel-led “The Last Witch Hunter” which is aiming to begin filming this Summer.