Pro-Life Film “Unplanned” Already Filmed

Pro Life Film Unplanned Already Filmed

The team behind the surprisingly successful faith-based franchise “God’s Not Dead” have announced that not only are they planning a $6 million anti-abortion film, but they have also already wrapped production reports THR.

“Unplanned” is based on the book of the same name by anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, a clinic director at Planned Parenthood who says she helped facilitate 22,000 abortions before quitting the organization in 2009.

The film was shot in secret in Oklahoma and marks the second anti-abortion movie to be produced recently, the other being “Roe v. Wade” which was marred by controversy and multiple setbacks. This film however reportedly had no major problems as the cast and crew were well aware of the content ahead of time.

Chuck Konzelman, who co-wrote and co-directed with Cary Solomon, says: “No matter which side you come down on, there’s a big chunk of this movie that will make you uncomfortable, because Abby has been pro-choice and pro-life.”

Solomon adds: “It’s not an attack movie, it’s about right and wrong. We just try to tell Abby’s story, and it’s an interesting journey.” The pair say they are ready for pushback, potentially from Planned Parenthood itself who has already sued Johnson.