Pro-Brexiter Unhappy With Netflix’s “Great Hack”

Pro Brexiter Targets Netflixs The Great Hack

Arron Banks, the British billionaire backer of the pro-Brexit campaign Leave.EU, has reportedly issued a stern legal letter to Netflix over their documentary “The Great Hack” which is released on the service this Wednesday.

Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer (“The Square”) helm the film which explores the Cambridge Analytica scandal from early 2018 and exposed how millions of people’s personal data had allegedly been harvested from social media (specifically Facebook) without their consent and reportedly exploited by both the Trump U.S. Presidency and pro-Brexit campaigns via targeted marketing.

The Observer newspaper reports that London law firm Kingsley Napley – acting on behalf of Banks, Eldon Insurance and Leave.EU – have issued a letter to Netflix claiming their clients were concerned over ‘false and defamatory allegations’ made about their clients and others in the film.

Co-director Amer has responded to the paper, saying: “We have received a letter from Arron Banks’s solicitors, which we have responded to, making clear that we stand by the contents of the film and will vigorously defend against any claim. We find it ridiculous that Arron Banks and his solicitors would issue such a letter without having seen the actual film. We would invite Mr. Banks to watch the film when it premieres worldwide on Netflix on 24 July.”

Source: THR