Prison Break Dominates New TV Buzz

Everything old is new again, and it’s the new TV series based on existing properties that scored the most audience interest this week in the wake of the network upfronts.

The networks collectively released thirty-five trailers for their news shows this week and, as of Friday morning, FOX’s revival of “Prison Break” was the most watched – amassing over 6.6 million views on Youtube since its debut. NBC’s best was the Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia-led original drama “This Is Us” with 5.1 million views, CBS’ was “Star Trek” with 2.1 million views, and ABC’s was “Designated Survivor” with 1.1 million views. In comparison the least viewed trailer of all was CBS’ “Pure Genius” with just 34,000 views.

Similarly in terms of social buzz, Amobee Brand Intelligence has measured digital engagement levels for the various shows on social media. In its study it was both “Prison Break” and FOX’s “Lethal Weapon” that scored the most talk, coming in a distant third was “24: Legacy”. Other solid performers were “Doubt,” “Bull,” “MacGyver,” “The Exorcist,” “Timeless,” “Training Day,” “Designated Survivor” and “Making History”.

On Facebook though, which is its own ecosystem at this point frankly, it was “This Is Us” which dominated with 27 million views of the trailer, followed by “Prison Break” with 22 million views.

Source: The Live Feed