Prison Break, “24” Revivals Get Teased

Sunday was a fairly dead one for anything film or TV related at Comic Con, one exception though was FOX’s panels for the revivals of both “24” and “Prison Break”. Much like “The X-Files” earlier this year, both shows return with shortened event series runs.

“Prison Break” returns, six years on from its finale, with nine episodes. Actor Wentworth Miller spearheaded the idea when he and Dominic Purcell worked together on the first season of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” they brought the idea to producers and the “process was very quick after that” says Purcell. Both a trailer and a clip from the second episode were screened, check out both below.

Actor Robert Knepper says the new episodes tackle new territory – “We’re going to go into a much deeper place, more mature, more brazen and simpler”. Miller’s Michael Scofield gets a fresh set of tattoos that are “central to the plot, but they don’t work quite the same way they did the first time around.”

Meanwhile with “24,” executive producer Manny Coto made it quite clear the new show is a continuation and not a reboot: “This is an expansion of the ’24’ universe, not a reboot – Jack and Chloe are still out there. This is a window into the ’24’ universe from a new perspective… there might be an intersection with existing characters down the line.”

That format will include split screens and onscreen clocks like the old series, but with the twelve episode run it means there will be a time jump sometime during the first season. When it happens, they’re not saying.

Both shows are expected to return in the Spring.