Primeval Not Cancelled, Becomes Movie

Despite rumors of its cancellation, ITV dinosaur-themed action series “Primeval” will return for a fourth season “provided ratings remain strong” says producer Adrian Hodges.

“As of this moment no final decision has been taken – as we knew it wouldn’t be – but we are very confident about the future of the show. ITV always said they would look at the recommission at some point towards the end of the run or later and that remains absolutely the position” said Hodges to Total Sci-Fi Online.

An ITV spokesman later added “It’s not true – it’s not going to be axed. It just hasn’t been recommissioned and it is not unusual to wait for a series to run before considering recommission.”

While the show has slipped a little in the ratings this year in the UK, it retains the 25% audience share it has had since the beginning and is one of the network’s biggest successes. The main reason for cancellation however isn’t viewership but rather cost as the network has cut back considerably due to the credit crunch.

The show is also being developed as a major feature film says Digital Spy. No word on who is involved just yet.