Primeval Moved Up To Next Week

Hollywood Pictures announced this morning that “Primeval”, their upcoming horror-thriller starring Dominic Purcell and Orlando Jones, has a new release date of January 12th.

The last minute move to next Friday comes as a surprise as the film was originally slated for an April 13th release – a full four month jump. The lack of time to prepare publicity means one can no doubt expect a rush of last minute advertising on the project to raise awareness.

Set in one of the most remote places on earth (ie. Africa), a bloodthirsty serial killer has claimed over 300 victims and is still at large. The film follows an American news crew determined to capture this terrifying murderer alive and soon rag-tag team set out on a journey up-river in search of their subject. But the deeper they probe into the mystery of this elusive assassin, the deadlier their trip becomes.

Disney has made no comment on why the move has taken place though it’s understandable – in recent years January has proven a financial winner for horror films and next week is free and clear of any competing subject matter with only the much delayed “Alpha Dog” and the step dancing flick “Stomp the Yard” opening wide.

A remake of “The Hitcher” the following week along with a large amount of action, sci-fi and comedy releases on the 26th though will eat into its subsequent revenue.