Pride Slammed For Not Having Any

Scoring Best Picture at the British Independent Film Awards along with critical acclaim and box-office success in the UK, the true story comedy “Pride” has hit a patch of controversy over the lack of pride demonstrated by the film’s U.S. distributor CBS Films.

Set in 1980s England, the film tells of a group of gay and lesbian activists and mining union groups who came together to battle the policies of Margaret Thatcher in 1980s era England. The central premise and much of the humor of the whole film revolves around the two disparate groups and how they deal with each other.

Opening to little fanfare in the U.S. in limited release back in September, the movie then hit disc just before Christmas. However the U.S. DVD release was missing something – any references to homosexuality.

The short synopsis on CBS’ official page for the film was edited for the DVD release to omit the words “gay and lesbian”, whilst the featured image on the back deliberately removes a banner saying ‘lesbians and gays support the miners’ whilst keeping ever other element of the original image intact.

It looks like a calculated decision rather than accidental oversight, and BBC News got in contact with CBS Films regarding the matter, the distributor saying only “we’re looking into this now.”

Source: PinkNews