Pressman Talks Wall Street Sequel

“Wall Street” producer Edward R. Pressman has talked to The West Australian about plans for a sequel to the classic 1987 Oliver Stone film entitled “Money Never Sleeps”.

“The new film will be based in New York, in London, in the United Arab Emirates and in an Asian country. We’ve pretty well worked out the inter-personal relationships between the characters. We’re now talking about the business events.”

Pressman and “Lolita” screenwriter Stephen Schiff have been meeting with stock market geniuses from around the world, notably billionaire Vincent Tchenguiz, to get the lay of the land about the current market.

As we know the character of Gordon Gekko returns, and Michael Douglas is confirmed to be returning. Now, it’s been revealed that in the period between films Gekko has been to prison but has been a free man for the past eight years.

On the surface he will be a more outwardly altruistic figure though “”a leopard doesn’t change its spots, despite appearances.”