“Preacher” Second Season Goes Wild

Some fans of Garth Ennis’ famed “Preacher” comic were upset with the way AMC’s TV adaptation of the series took a distinct turn – essentially turning the first season into a prequel leading up to the events of the first issue.

Now, with season two kicking off this weekend, the direct adaptation of the material is set to begin. Speaking with io9, showrunner Sam Catlin says that the in doing the first season as a prequel – it has both given them time to find the show’s tone and allows them to jump into adapting the comic. It was a risk, and now comes the payoff:

“I feel good about [season one], and I feel even better about it now that we’ve done season two. I felt like we sort of had to set the groundwork for who this guy, Jesse, was, what he used to do, what God meant to him and sort of create the rules for the show. I’m glad we had the patience.

I wasn’t aware of how much absurdity the show could sustain, [but] still be a drama, and still have stakes and characters that were real that people would identify with. Preacher has different appetites and rules and I feel like what I learned was that you can sort of take the kid gloves off a little bit, going into this season.”

Fellow producer Evan Goldberg says while it will more closely follow the comics, there’s still differences:

“In terms of the story, you can’t tell that story, apples to apples. You just can’t. Anyone would have to innovate and create and embellish and compress and do all those different things. But for us, what we’ve always said is, ‘We want it to feel, even if it doesn’t match up beat for beat, like [comic creator] Garth [Ennis]’s comic.'”

“Preacher” season two begins this Sunday, June 25th with a two-night premiere; the second episode airs on Monday June 26th in its new regular time slot.