Preacher Producers Talk Source Changes

Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the trio of executive producers behind AMC’s upcoming drama series adaptation of Garth Ennis’ acclaim 1990s comic series, have spoken about the show during AMC’s session at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour yesterday.

In the series Dominic Cooper plays Jesse Custer, a badass Texas preacher who becomes the only one who is able to track God down and hold him responsible for his abdication from Heaven. One obvious question about the series is in regards to how far it will depart from its source material.

The producers say there will be major deviations ala “The Walking Dead,” but there will still be Easter eggs planted for fanatics and even depictions of events that precede the graphic novels. Caitlin tells THR:

“People who know the comics, there are all sorts of Easter eggs throughout it. We’re very conscious of what the Preacher audience is expecting and the mythology they know about. … [We’re going to have] that subterranean dialogue with fans of the comic that doesn’t confuse people coming to the show for the first time.”

Goldberg adds:

“It didn’t seem at first we should do [deviate from the comic] that way and then we talked to Garth and he encouraged us to make small changes. [Our priority is to] make it a good show first and foremost. We want fans who love the comic to get everything they want – but we make twists and turns.”

Rogen says he doesn’t know if the comic could be translated fully for the small screen:

“Everyone involved thought we should not do that directly, including Garth. We love the comic; there’s tons of stuff in the comic we hope to include but also hope to subvert lovers of the comic at times and hopefully make them love everything we deliver in the end. … To have both those things would be an ideal scenario.

[We want viewers to] still be surprised [The closed-ended comic] wouldn’t stretch out to what we hope is a successful series. We’re going to make a show we like and we hope that translates to people who loved the comic as well. Our goal is to make a great, entertaining, fun TV show that if you’ve never heard of the comic book you’ll love.”

A premiere date for “Preacher” has not yet been announced.