Pre-Strike Film Possibilities

With the impending strike next Spring of multiple guilds, production companies have spent much of the Summer shifting around their schedules and figuring out which films can go into and wrap production before the June 2008 deadline.

Of course in times like these we get some problematic (or often just plain bad) films moved forward whilst other, whilst more ambitious films end up being delayed or rushed. Even if the strike doesn’t happen – much of 2009’s mainstream fare will be notably lacking in quality, a worry considering how weak 2007 has been despite all the profits.

Now, Filmjerk have come across something very interesting – a copy of a list that began circulating around the talent agencies two weeks ago. The list contains the 300 projects in active development which have become pre-strike priorities for the major studios and a number of top production companies.

Which of these will get the approval is unsure, estimates put it at about half, more importantly though is that if there’s an upcoming film you’re keen to see that’s not on the list then it almost certainly won’t even be made until 2009.

The full list can be found at this URL: