Pratt: Third “Guardians” To Retain Gunn’s Script

Pratt Third Guardians To Retain Gunns Script

Disney fired James Gunn only a few months before filming began on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” and they have since made it very clear he won’t be coming back to direct.

However, Gunn’s script for the new film was mostly done with at least one or two drafts completed. Any director who comes on board will no doubt do some of their own writing, but the question has lingered whether Disney will start over from scratch or if they’ll use what Gunn has penned and run with it.

The film’s star Chris Pratt has confirmed to MTV News this week that the latter option seems to be happening. Asked if the Gunn script was being used, Pratt responded “Yeah” and then he was asked if he’d read it to which he said: “Yeah, I have. It’s off the chain. It’s so good. It’s so good.”

There’s still no word as to when production of the new film begins. Also today comes word from The BBC that Oreo the racoon, the real-life model for ‘Guardians’ character Rocket, has died at the age of 10 following a very short illness.