Pratchett’s “Wee Free Men” Gets A Film

Terry Pratchett’s young adult Discworld novel “The Wee Free Men” is getting a film adaptation by the Jim Henson Company.

The story follows nine-year-old young witch Tiffany Aching, her frying pan, and some six-inch angry blue men called the Nac Mac Feegles who seek to save her sibling from the nefarious Queen of Fairyland.

Rhianna Pratchett, who penned both of the recent “Tomb Raider” games, is penning the script and partnering with Henson to make the movie. She says in a press release: “I’ve loved the Jim Henson Company’s work all my life, so it’s a great honor to team up with them and bring Wee Free Men to the big screen.”

Jim Henson’s son, Brian, will serve as producer on the film alongside Rhianna, Vince Raisa, Rob Wilkins, and Rod Brown.

Source: EW