“Powerless” & “Gotham” Tease DC Elements

NBC has released a new extended trailer for “Powerless,” the upcoming DC Comics comedy series starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk which premieres February 2nd.

The new trailer confirms the series, about researchers at Wayne Security, is embracing its DC roots with numerous references to Bruce Wayne and Superman, gags about Wonder Woman’s jet, and more.

Speaking of DC on TV, actor Cory Michael Smith has confirmed that his Edward Nygma character on FOX’s “Gotham” will be getting his The Riddler outfit fairly soon. Speaking with Cinema Blend, he discussed the costume design:

“[The role] is performative; not in a Jim Carrey way. I want him to be kind of showy. So what we have as the Riddler costume is really classy, and that’s kind of what we wanted.

To give you some inside scoop, I do not have a cane yet, but I want one so badly for a few different reasons. I won’t tell you all of them so I don’t spoil anything, but I’m pitching very hardy for a cane.

Plus, we do have somewhere to go and add some stuff, so maybe in the future, there will be a cane. But I want him to be someone who deserves a f–king cane. He needs to be someone that’s just begging for a cane.”

“Gotham” continues next Monday on FOX but will soon take a break and not return until April. Don’t expect to see Smith in the outfit until closer to that time.