“Power Rangers” Gets Post-Credits Stinger

March this year is a month which brings a major blockbuster every week. We began with “Logan” and “Kong: Skull Island,” get “Beauty and the Beast” this week and cap off the run with “Ghost in the Shell”.

Sandwiched in between though is one more tentpole – Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers” reboot. The press tour is currently underway and as a result of this, two minor reveals have been given away regarding what fans should look out for ahead of time in the new movie.

First up, director Dean Israelite has confirmed that there will be a post-credits scene following the movie and explained to Collider the debate over where to put it:

“It was always gonna be a coda. It was always gonna be sort of a post-credits scene. The only thing that we debated about that was where it comes two and a half minutes into the…after the main one ends, or is it gonna come right at the end of the credits. So we decided to kind of break the credits up.”

Next is that the film’s production notes confirm the cameos of original show cast members. If you don’t want to know who, look away now.

Those cast members are listed as Cameo Role #1 and Cameo Role #2, but the actors playing them are none other than Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson – the pair who played the original Green and Pink Rangers respectively.

Finally four new clips and a TV spot have arrived and can be seen below. “Power Rangers” opens on March 24th.