“Power Rangers” Gets New Site & Early Criticism

Following the release of the film’s teaser trailer, Lionsgate has brought online both a new website and some new photos from the upcoming big screen reboot of Power Rangers, which you can check out in the gallery below!

The pictures follow on for a busy weekend for the movie’s promotional run with a panel at New York Comic Con. The film’s director Dean Israelite spoke with Heat Vision and gave an update on where the production is right now:

“We’re deep into the editing and visual effects process. We’ve got quite a while yet in order to get everything perfect in time for the release. We’re still cutting, and we’re still working on visual effects.”

Asked about bringing out the property in a time dominated by Marvel and DC films, is he taking any inspiration from those cinematic universes?

“I always thought this brand had its own deep and rich history and I wanted to create its own universe. I really wanted to try hard to make everything photographed in a very real, contemporary style — even in the ways we executed the design, I wanted you to be able to look at the machines and the ship and the suits, as if it’s its own universe. I want our one to be seen as its own thing.”

The trailer released has provoked comparisons of “Chronicle,” the Max Landis-penned 2012 film about superpowered teens. Landis, who was an early writer on the “Power Rangers” film but several others have come in since and done re-writes, hasn’t let the comparison just slip and posted on Twitter:

The new “Power Rangers” opens March 24th next year.