“Power Rangers” Changes Its Rita, Zordon Backstories

With any reboot of a beloved property, there comes changes to the source material to try and keep things fresh. The upcoming reboot of the “Power Rangers” franchise is certainly changing up some things from the costume and character design to the overall tone.

Now comes word from The Wrap that the franchise’s mythology is getting a shake-up as well with the key characters if the main antagonist Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks) and Zordon (played by Bryan Cranston) have VERY different pasts to previous incarnations of the characters.

The site says in the film Rita was a Green Ranger 65 million years ago and Zordon, the present-day Rangers’ mentor, was the “original” Red Ranger. Rita went rogue and was eventually imprisoned, while Zordon was transformed into a “state of pure energy.”

The new “Power Rangers” hits cinemas on March 24th 2017.