“Power Rangers 2” Early Talks, Zedd Wanted

In terms of box-office, this year’s “Power Rangers” film reboot was a dud. With a costly production budget at $100 million, the film dramatically underperformed worldwide with an $85 million domestic haul and just $54 million overseas.

So a sequel is out of the question right? Not so fast. While the film may not have generated much business or critical notices, it has done a “Cars” and stimulated toy sales. Last month came word that sales of toys and action figures related to the franchise are up by 186% from the year before.

Are the sales of tie-in consumer products enough to greenlgiht another film? It would seem so. Ahead of the first film’s home video release, director Dean Israelite was asked by Screen Rant about the potential of a sequel and he says conversations have already happened:

“I hope so. It’s obviously not up to me, but I know the studio (Lionsgate) and Saban are talking in earnest about it, and are trying to push forward. They’re having a discussion.”

Israelite has previously said he wants to come back for the sequel which would likely include the arrival of Tommy Oliver (aka. the Green Ranger). Asked what other characters from the old franchise he’d like to reintroduce in a sequel, Israelite immediately suggested an iconic villain:

“You know, there was a lot of discussion at one point of Lord Zedd being in this movie. We didn’t have the real estate for it, and I didn’t want to dilute the storytelling, so Lord Zedd definitely has to make an appearance in the franchise, he’s a fan favorite.”

“Power Rangers” comes to DVD, Blu-ray and rental VOD today. Check out deleted and extended scenes from the film in the clip below.