“Poughkeepsie Tapes” Finally Scores A Release

Ten years since the trailer first hit the next, John Erick Dowdle‘s found footage thriller “The Poughkeepsie Tapes” is finally arriving with Scream Factory announcing a Blu-ray and DVD release for October 10th this year.

The faux documentary consists of footage taken from the private video collection of a prolific serial killer who filmed his many murders. It screened at both the Tribeca Film Festival and Butt-Numb-athon to not just bad but outright angry reactions.

Dowdle went on to direct the “REC” remake “Quarantine,” the fun Shyamalan-produced “Devil,” and the well received “As Above, So Below”. ‘Poughkeepsie’ did briefly appear on VOD in 2014 only to soon vanish again with no reasons given. Now we’ll finally be able to see for ourselves this October. Here’s a trailer to remind you what it’s about.