Potter, Pirates & Damon Updates

Art director Stuart Craig revealed to Newsweek magazine that he is now designing sets for the sixth film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” including the infamous astronomy tower.

With rumours swirling of a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, co-scribe Terry Rossio tells Moviehole that “It’s like the fourth Indiana Jones picture – there are forces in play to make it happen, and forces in play to make it not happen. I think we will try to write a screenplay. I can’t say if we’ll be able to solve the challenge of making a good fourth film, or if our screenplay will be enough to get a film made”.

Finally, Matt Damon revealed to The Telegraph that he and Mark Wahlberg are planning a film about two real-life fighters from Massachusetts, and he will cameo in Francis Ford Coppola’s next film “Youth Without Youth”.