Potential “Rick & Morty” S5 Ideas Revealed

Potential Rick Morty S5 Ideas Revealed

Despite the massive deal made with Adult Swim last year for 70 more episodes, Dan Harmon and his fellow “Rick and Morty” writers and producers are still planning to pump out ten-episode seasons – if they maintain that rate it means the show will get at least ten seasons.

The fourth season comes next with the new batch hitting sometime in November. Those episodes have already been written and are in production or post-production right now though so the show’s writers are already turning their energies towards a potential fifth season and are brainstorming ideas.

Harmon shared a few photos on Instagram of a tableful of ideas that frequent collaborator Rob Schab came up with in just a few hours on a series of post it notes. A list of what is on those notes has been assembled by Collider. They include:

Artificial person w/ real leg, Rick discovers the 11th Commandment, Maximum Overdrive but with grass, Planet of no stop signs, Trench coat made of dreams, The people’s (basketball) court, Wesley Sniper, When-Wolf, Voltron but with vegetables, Library of food, Woman made of fish, Jerry gets a pinecone in his butt, Detachable fingers (or toes), Anal Beads, Planet powered by chips & salsa, Morty buys a boat, Bark-nado, Planet of Hodags, Blood Shed, Invisible pigs, Jerry makes a log cabin with hair.

It’s likely only one or two of these ideas will work their way into an episode in the fifth season which does not have a potential air date as yet (likely early 2021). However the simple idea of turning Rick into a pickle led to one of the most talked about animated series episodes of recent times, so we’ll see if one of these ideas could work as well.