Potential “Frozen” Sequel Scores A Title?

Disney has registered several domain names for an upcoming film that has lead people to believe the Mouse House is already outlining plans for a sequel to last year’s “Frozen”.

Stitch Kingdom reports that the studio registered several domain names on Thursday which all suggest a feature project called “Strange Magic”. This has led to the theory that it’s possibly a subtitle for a “Frozen” follow-up (ie. “Frozen: Strange Magic”).

Two characters within the 2013 film make reference to Princess Elsa’s ice powers as “strange magic” which has led to this speculation. Disney has also shown an eagerness to milk the brand with a new short film in production, a Broadway musical in development, and successful merchandising sales.

Others have suggested its registration for Disney-Marvel’s forthcoming “Doctor Strange” film, but as the site points out – Marvel themselves do the registering of the domains for their films, not Disney.

The original “Frozen” has become the most successful animated film ever made, accumulating nearly $1.3 billion in worldwide box office revenue.