Potential “Batman vs. Superman” Titles List?

While it is being referred to now as the “Batman vs. Superman” project, it sounds as though Warner Bros. Pictures is interested in keeping the “Man of Steel” title intact for the upcoming sequel – just adding in a Batman-related subtitle.

Today, Fusible reports that Warners has recently registered several domain names, which may hint at what the title of the movie may end up being. The list includes:

“Man of Steel: Battle the Knight”
“Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness”
“Man of Steel: Black of Knight”
“Man of Steel: Darkness Falls”
“Man of Steel: Knight Falls”
“Man of Steel: Shadow the Night”
“Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour”
“Man of Steel: The Darkness Within”

Which do you think works? None of them as far as I’m concerned, but have your say in the comments below.