POTD: Jamie Lee Curtis “Psycho” Shot

Jamie Lee Curtis has recreated her mother Janet Leigh’s iconic “Psycho” shower scene, shot for shot, on the set of FOX’s new series “Scream Queens.”

Curtis posted an amusing photo from the filming comparing herself with a photo of her mom in the same position in the classic film which came out 55 years ago. The actress tells Variety:

“My entire life I have refused to step into the shower because it belongs to my mother. I have attempted to step out of the shadow of my parents for a long time.”

Then she was presented with the scene in an upcoming episode and decided the time was finally right and that if they were to do it, they had to do it as well as they could:

“It felt like they [her parents] are both gone, and enough time has passed. This role has appeared in my life. It’s unexpected and delightful. If we’re going to go for it, let’s go for it. Let’s be accurate as we can. And we did.”

Curtis says the scene appears far down the line in the show’s fifteen episode run, and it was show runner Ryan Murphy who urged her to put the photo out so early.

“Scream Queens” premieres September 22nd on Fox.