Poster & Trailer: “The Maze Runner”

Of all the young adult novel adaptations to hit the market in recent years, this one has arguably the most intriguing premise. Wes Ball directs the film take on James Dashner’s novel which, like all these films, is the first in a potential series.

A young man wakes up in an elevator and is deposited into a field in the center of a giant labyrinth. Dozens of other young men are trapped there – doors open up so they can explore the maze during the day, but those trapped in it at night always die. Then, a girl arrives.

Dylan O’Brien, a superb young actor who regularly steals the show on MTV’s underrated “Teen Wolf,” leads the cast in the film which is scheduled for a September 19th release. Today, 20th Century Fox has unveiled both a poster and the first trailer for the film which you can see below: