Poster: Loki In “Thor: The Dark World”

Another “Thor: The Dark World” character one-sheet today, this one (an international one which is why the title’s different) showcasing Tom Hiddleston as fan favorite Loki in Marvel Studios’ upcoming big-budget sequel.

At the same time, Hiddleston has revealed to The Huffington Post that some of the ideas that he suggested for the film were incorporated into the recent reshoots:

“I don’t know quite how the decision was made, but we weren’t redoing things we’d done before. We were adding new stuff. So that was fun for me. And some of the things were scenes I’d actually pitched for a long time ago.

The thing about Kevin Feige is he’s very, very open and collaborative. He and Louis D’Esposito, who run the studio I find it very admirable that they’re open to ideas. Possibly more now than they would have been the first go-around.

Chris Hemsworth and myself have lived inside these characters for two movies now and we’ve been inside every scene and we know what works and we know what doesn’t work.