Post-Release “Star Trek” Box-Office

Thanks to the good word of mouth, families turned out in force on Sunday for the just released reboot of “Star Trek” – pushing up Paramount’s estimates from $18 million to $21 million on that day which brings the film’s box-office to a total of $79.2 million for the weekend.

More detailed stats have come through showing that while “Star Trek” went well with older males, it’s still having a little difficulty attracting females (who made up 40% of the audience) and under 25s (who made up 35%) who turned out more for “Wolverine” the weekend before but have quickly passed on that.

Same goes for overseas where the film managed to open much bigger than any of the previous films, but still pulled in only a modest $35.5M. Unlike “Wolverine” however, the film opened in far less day-and-date markets (54) and faced less of a promotional push.

Finally for Trek fans, Pop Culture Zoo has posted up an interesting article trying to figure out how the franchise’s previous time traveling hijinks will be affected by this film’s ‘restart’ of the storyline. From the fourth film’s alien probe, to Spock’s reunification work with the Romulans on ‘The Next Generation’. It’s confusing as hell, even to ardent fans.

Also, someone has taken the obscene lens flare and shaky camera tricks of the new Trek and tried it out on the classic 60’s series episode “Space Seed” featuring the first appearance of Khan (Ricardo Montalban).