Post E-Mail Leak “Spider-Man” Rumors

Following on from the report the other day which cobbled together some of the plans being considered by Sony Pictures regarding the future of the “Spider-Man” franchise, some follow-up information has now come to light.

As we learned earlier this week, Sony was reportedly in talks with Marvel Studios for a deal that would enable Marvel to make a new trilogy of “Spider-Man” movies whilst Sony would retain creative and marketing control. It’s a deal that would have also enabled the character to appear in “Captain America: Civil War,” however the same reports seemed to indicate said deal was dead in the water.

Now, Latino Review reports that the deal is actually still on the table, albeit in a different form. They claim Sony rejected the original deal which was for a co-production which would see Marvel and Sony splitting production costs 60/40 respective and would have given Marvel creative control to use Spidey in films of their choosing.

The site also says Sony’ parent company in Japan is very unhappy with how the hack is playing out, which could lead to this Marvel/Sony co-production deal actually happening: “Sony Japan thinks the Marvel deal for Spider-Man is still on the table and they want to renegotiate as a return to quality, the 60/40 split is can be negotiated and Sony Entertainment’s October hard-line stance of wanting creative control is now mostly moot in the eyes of the higher-ups.”

The e-mails earlier this week suggest decisions won’t be made until the proposed ‘summit’ of executives in January when the future of the Spider-Man franchise will likely be determined.