Portman Unhappy Over “Thor 2” Firing

When word hit that Patty Jenkins abruptly left the “Thor” sequel just over a week ago, many were surprised, confused and understandably unhappy. Though said to be amicably separating over creative differences, the talk has been that Jenkins was essentially fired without warning.

Amongst those confused is the first film’s leading lady Natalie Portman who is apparently “deeply upset by the decision” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Portman had strongly urged Marvel to hire “Monster” director Jenkins and when it happened it apparently got the actress re-engaged in the project.

Despite Jenkins’ departure, Portman is contractually obligated to stay with the project. In an effort to smooth things over she is being included in discussions about whom to hire as a replacement.

As for Jenkins, word is differing over why she was let go. One source claims Jenkins had a very explicit vision for the film, one that made the Marvel execs nervous as they’re more inclined on getting someone who can work within their restrictive creative restraints and can be decisive quickly enough to meet the specific November 2013 release window Marvel has already set.