Portman, Hoffman, Hemsworth Casting Talk

Pajiba has posted up a bunch of interesting casting rumors today with several household name actors expressing interest in various upcoming projects. These include:

– Actress Natalie Portman and French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet are both apparently interested in Relativity Media’s planned edgy re-imagining of “Snow White”.

– Dustin Hoffman is apparently eyeing the role of a crime boss in “The Contortionist’s Handbook”

– Liam Hemsworth (“The Last Song”) is said to be pursuing the role of one of the fallen angels in Disney’s fantasy drama “Fallen”

– Kristen Stewart and Josh Brolin are said to be interested in Peter Craig’s “Little America” about a teen prostitute and a truck driver on the run from a gang. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are producing

– Robert Downey Jr. is apparently interested in “The $40,000 Man”, a comedic riff on the idea of “The Six Million Dollar Man”. In it he would pal a legendary astronaut horribly injured who is rebuilt by the government as a bionic man. Trouble is the budget of his parts comes to just $40,000.