Portman Caught in “Gravity” After All?

Natalie Portman has gone from being rumoured to being “in active negotiations” to join Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming sci-fi thriller “Gravity” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures reports Heat Vision.

Set during an orbital repair mission, the story follows a female astronaut who must survive a solitary ordeal after an exploded satellite wipes out the rest of the crew. Robert Downey Jr. also stars.

The lead role in the $80 million drama has been a highly sought after one as it’s a high-profile role that solely dominates the screen for much of its runtime (ala Tom Hanks in “Castaway,” James Franco in “127 Hours”). Angelina Jolie was linked several but ultimately dropped out of the project penned by Alfonso and his son Jonas.

Portman was linked earlier this month but no decision was made at that time. In related news, Jonas Cuaron has sold an untitled Mexico City-set gritty thriller pitch to Warners which Hollywood Gang is attached to produce.