Point Break Remake Officially Happening

Hard to believe but it has been twenty years since Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Utah character redefined the English language in Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 thriller “Point Break”. A solid box-office hit and cult success in the intervening years, it has since spawned numerous parodies not to mention an entire franchise – ie. “The Fast And The Furious” – which essentially remade the film over and over.

Three years ago they attempted to make a sequel which it fell apart. Then back in July came word that “Salt” and “The Thomas Crown Affair” scribe Kurt Wimmer has been working on a new script for not a sequel but rather a remake/reboot.

Today in a press release, Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures have made it official that they’re going forward with the reboot which follows the basic premise of an FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring.

Forget surfing with a dash of skydiving though, apparently that stuff is just too wussy. This new version will be set in “the world of international extreme sports” but won’t specify what those sports are. Snowboarding, skateboarding and BMX technically qualify – sadly the unerpublicised competition of ‘crocodile tea bagging’ sadly remains unrecognised by organised sporting authorities.

Alcon’s Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove says the new script “infuses the story and characters with new twists and settings”.