Point Break Reboot Sells Out Worldwide

The extreme sports-centric remake of 1991’s “Point Break” has become a huge hit with buyers at this year’s American Film Market. Alcon Entertainment is producing this new version of Kathryn Bigelow’s action thriller which starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

Lionsgate was selling the remake at AFM and it quickly become the event’s biggest success story as rights around the globe sold out – foreign distributors rushing to outbid each other for the rights.

This is surprising when you consider Alcon Entertainment is fully financing the project which is essentially an independent film, despite a budget said to hover around $100 million. No cast is yet attached, and director Ericson Core only has one credit to his name – 2006’s Mark Wahlberg football drama “Invincible”.

Yet, buyers flocked to the film thanks to its high concept, a much grander scale than the original film, and a pitch reel which Core produced for the market which got everyone excited.

Kurt Wimmer has penned the script, and it has been confirmed that the film will once again revolve around the characters of undercover FBI agent Johnny Utah and the athlete and robber Bodhi who is pursuing the ultimate rush.

While the first film stuck mostly to surfing, with a bit of skydiving thrown in, the new film involves the likes of wingsuiting, snowboarding, rock climbing and motorcycle racing. The action is also going global with filming to take place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, China and Malta.

A Spring 2015 release is being targeted.

Source: THR