Plummer Nabs Lead In Haigh’s “Lean On Pete”

Charlie Plummer (“The Dinner,” “King Jack”) has scored the lead role in “Looking” creator and “45 Years” and “Weekend” director Andrew Haigh’s “Lean On Pete” for Film4.

Based on Willy Vlautin’s acclaimed novel, the story follows an itinerant teen named Charley Thompson (Plummer) is abandoned by his mother as a baby who loses his neglectful father to sepsis.

Charley embarks on a perilous journey in search of his long-lost aunt and a possible home, his only companion the stolen racehorse Lean on Pete.

Steve Buscemi is also onboard, while Tristan Goligher is producing. Haigh has also signed on to direct the Alexander McQueen biopic which will likely go after “Lean On Pete”.

Source: Deadline