Playboy Accepts Blame In Morricone Case

Morricone Denies Tarantino Trash Talking

Over the weekend came the Playboy Germany interview in which famed composer Ennio Morricone seemingly labelled filmmaker Quentin Tarantino a ‘cretin’ and went on to disparage him at length.

Then came Morricone’s denial in a statement which suggested the entire interview was fabricated and he would pursue legal action. Then yesterday Playboy hit back saying they’re standing by the interview and reporter and gave details of when the interview took place.

Now Morricone has seemingly prevailed as Playboy Germany editor-in-chief Florian Boitin issued a new statement saying:

“Up to now, we have considered the freelancer who conducted the Ennio Morricone interview on our behalf to be a renowned print and radio journalist. In the past, we have had no reason to doubt his journalistic integrity and skills. Based on the information now at our disposal, we must unfortunately assume that the words spoken in the interview have, in part, been reproduced incorrectly.

We would like to express our regret should Mr. Morricone have been portrayed in a false light. We are working to clarify this matter and are exploring legal measures.”

The comments suggest while an interview did happen, the quotes were not correct and potentially changed to be sensationalised. Either way, it looks like the case is over for now.

Source: Variety