Play Xbox One Games In Your Browser?

At the launch of the Xbox One, there seemed to be a lot of promise that the power of the ‘cloud’ would not only take care of any graphical shortcomings with its rival PS4, but it would ultimately surpass it and keep the console fresh and up to date for years to come.

A year on and there’s still no major sign of such ‘power’ being utilised, Microsoft dialling back its message in favor of the actual benefits of its Azure dedicated servers – namely improved multiplayer and things like better AI processing and (eventually) physics-processing. Lag, which has been the main problem with cloud gaming, is improving as well.

Sony meanwhile has been focusing its ‘cloud power’ and Gaikai servers talk around PlayStation Now, its game streaming service that will allow users to rent and stream old game titles for previous generation consoles (namely PS1 – PS3 titles) on not just the PS4 but various smart devices.

Today, NeoWin reports that Microsoft is now looking to not only adapt Sony’s approach to streaming, they may be trying to go further. The site reports that they are testing running games in web browsers. Not only that, they are using Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, and are aiming for frame rates of 60FPS in not just Explorer but Chrome as well.

Of course there’s many issues with a service such as this, namely licensing and what impact it could have on not just PC game sales revenue but Xbox One hardware revenue as well if a console like it is no longer needed to play its games.

Then there’s still the issue of internet connections, a problem which PSNow is also facing. From bandwidth limitations to data quotas, will this service be able to run reliably enough outside a handful of key U.S. cities?