Platinum Dunes Rebooting “Halloween”?

Platinum Dunes is in talks to take the producing reins on Dimension Films’ forthcoming “Halloween” film reports Bloody Disgusting.

Originally slated for this October, the then 3D project was pulled from the calendar as no confirmed cast or director is yet in place. Dunes is now out to writers and directors for the film, replacing “Drive Angry” scribe Todd Farmer and helmer Patrick Lussier who were previously linked.

Beyond the return of pale-masked killer Michael Myers, there’s no word what form this film will take – though it’ll likely be a reboot/restart that will ignore the original eight films and the two more recent Rob Zombie-directed films.

Platinum Dunes certainly has experience rebooting famed horror icons, having done so with Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface in recent years.